Headquarter and Production Facilities - Cornelia, Georgia

Cornelia, located in Habersham County, is built on the falling slopes of seven hills which together form Georgia's highest mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains. Current Population as counted last in July 2007 = 3,870. We are glad to be a major employer for the region. If you like to learn more about Cornelia, read further below.


GlobalTech BuildingGlobalTech Industries Building

Our Production and Headquarter building is located on the corner of Magnolia Lane and Veterans Memorial Drive. The manufacturing, warehouse and office spreads 60,000 Sq. Ft. With some seasonal fluctuations, we employ 300+ people from the region. Operation can run 10-hour shifts, five days per week.

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World Largest Apple

More about Cornelia

Cornelia is the home to one of the world's largest apples. You can see it is displayed on top of an obelisk shaped monument. "Home of the BIG RED APPLE - Habersham County, Georga"

The first industry in Cornelia was a tan yard located on the banks of Tanyard Creek on the highway from the mountains to Athens. During the 19th Century, the area became a shopping center when covered wagons, crossing the mountains en route to Athens, stopped at this tanyard to sell or exchange their goods for leather to be made into various articles.

Other early industries were the result of the immigration to the area around 1880 of large numbers of Germans and Swiss. Although many were cobblers, watchmakers, and weavers, most of them were farmers and wine makers. Winemaking flourished until the State of Georgia adopted a strict prohibition law, and the vineyards were cut down to make room for farming.

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